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Secrets of Getting Cheap Car Insurance

One of the things that many people don’t realize is a major change in the way that most car insurance companies determine premiums. In the past, it was almost entirely dependent on the type of vehicle you were trying to insure, combined with what part of the country you live in, your driving record, your age, and the amount that you specified for each of your deductibles. But very recently, another major factor being considered when your car insurance premium is being quoted is your credit report.

Yes, although many groups across the country are fighting this, to date those fights have not been successful. The auto insurance industry claims to support this with research that shows that people with bad credit are historically the people who file more claims and do not take as good care of their vehicles from a maintenance standpoint. So if you have less than stellar credit, you may want to take steps to change that, since one of the many benefits you will derive from having a good credit score is very likely to include lower car insurance rates.

Contrary to popular belief, getting a car insurance quote online is not always the least expensive. Many times it is, but that is not a guarantee. Many of the car insurance companies are trying to retain long time customers and offering them financial incentives to keep them, such as very competitive rates. If you have been with the same car insurance company for a number of years, it is worth the effort to find out if they can lower your premiums, or if nothing else, note what you are paying now and do some shopping around.

Also, many car insurance companies will give you an additional discount if you have “multiple products” with them. For example, car insurance is one product. If you also get your house insurance through them, they may give you an additional 10% discount on both policies. Taking that one step further, if you also have life insurance with them, they may give you an additional 15% discount off all three policies. The reason for this is clear – if you have multiple policies with them, chances are that all will not expire at the same time, so even if you move one of them in the future, their retention rate for holding onto you as a customer remains very high if you have multiple polices for different products.

But do not dismiss online car insurance quotes because there is also a good chance they could be your most cost effective option. Be sure that you are getting a quote from a reputable company, and above all, make sure you are really comparing apples to apples with the various quotes, since ceiling limits can default differently, the amount of the deductibles can vary significantly, and you cannot get a true picture of how the policies compare unless you are comparing equal coverage.